Architecture & Experiential Design Portfolio

Liminoid Garden

Location: Los Angeles, US

Role: Artist

Liminoid Garden* was part of the SKYLINE 2014 festival, a 10 day long art and architecture event featuring 10 interactive installations at different sites in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Garden* - an interactive machine interface between the environment, the city and its users - responded to real-time environmental data from the city, giving awareness to the audience while simultaneously making him/her part of the behavior.

The project featured a collaboration between Filipa Valente [limiLAB] and Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, who performed and interacted with the artificial blooms exploring the interaction between machine, environment and the city.

Liminoid Garden 02.jpg

Liminoid Garden* @ SKYLINE 2014 Festival DTLA

Liminoid Garden 10.jpg